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Collectibility and Rarity

Metaportals First Wave - #1 Deep Freeze
Gen 1: Portal Spawned
Metaportals First Wave - #1 Deep Freeze
Gen 2: Metaspace
Location Acquired

Gen 3: Portal Generated

  • PRIME is the first multiverse within the Superpose™ Universe.
  • Every Portal is spawned by one of seven Fusion Core reactors.
  • Each portal is generated using AI and is gauranteed to be one-of-a-kind.
  • Portals are capable of teleporting avatars, characters, and loot from the Superpose Universe into the metaverse.
  • Portals evolve over time, which is minted on-chain.

Superpose™ Universe

Superpose Universe is made up of multiverses that are governed by a unique set of laws. By interacting within a multiverse, you influence its laws, story and history which lives on the blockchain for eternity.

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PRIME Multiverse

When fusion power emerged as the fundamental energy source on Earth, an event occurred, causing seven Fusion Cores to emit powerful energy bursts creating rips in space and time known as Metaportals.

PRIME is the first multiverse and will only have 10,001 Portals spawned each having unique traits and powers.

Portals spawn randomly in the PRIME multiverse. Once all Portals have spawned, the Fusion Cores will redirect their energy towards evolving the multiverse into three-dimensional spaces (metaspaces). Once complete, Portals will have the ability to teleport avatars, characters and loot into the metaverse.

Generating Process

When Portals "spawn", they are ready to be minted. Fusion Core wallets mint Portals as NFTs that have already spawned. The spawning event is considered an NFT Drop. Alternate multiverses may use various blockchains, but PRIME mints on Ethereum.

After the minting process, Portals evolve into animated two-dimensional works of art. Depending on the Portal's traits, specifically its Generation Time Units, it will take an additional amount of time to transition into this evolved state.

The fourth-generation is on the roadmap, which provides Portal owners the ability to build their virtual empire by generating Avatars, 3D spaces (metaspaces), and virtual objects (loot) all minted as NFTs and freely tradeable. Each multiverse will operate as an independent meta-economy.

Metaportals First Wave - #1 Deep Freeze

Gen 1: Portal Spawned

Metaportals First Wave - #1 Deep Freeze

Gen 2: Metaspace Location Acquired

43°20'00.3"N 120°40'22.9"W

Gen 3: Portal Generated

Gen 1: Portal Spawned

Gen 1 Portals were created using artificial intelligence resulting in Portals with unique traits including unique color palettes and design patterns. These traits were minted on the blockchain and are immutable. Some traits can evolve using Morsel packs, but each evolutionary step is tracked on-chain so a full history of the portal's evolution is tracked. Some hardened traits cannot be changed, including color palettes, generation time units, and the Fusion Core wallet that spawned the Portal.

Each Portal has the opportunity to obtain the following traits:

  • Accuracy (low, standard, high, extreme)
  • Stability (unstable, stable, highly stable)
  • Accessibility (low, standard, high)
  • Beaconing
  • Resizing
  • Weaponizing
  • Time Transport
  • Blocking (nonexistent, capable, highly capable)
  • Power (standard, forceful, dynamic, magnetic, high-powered)

A Morsel pack contains the odds for whether a specific trait will be associated with a Portal. These odds can be viewed prior to minting the NFT. A trait being assigned to a Portal is non-deterministic. You will only know the assigned traits of a Portal after it has gone through the minting process.

Gen 2: Metaspace Location Acquired

NFT owners choose the Portal's base location (metaspace). There will be opportunities for NFT owners to build out their metaspace within a 3D environment by generating or acquiring virtual objects. The generation powers of a Portal heavily influence the metaspace being created.

Choosing a metaspace is required prior to interacting within the Superpose Universe. The transition from a static Gen 2 Portal to an animated Gen 3 Portal commences at the moment of minting the Portal and acquiring its traits. Generation Time Units (GTUs) determine the length of time for the generation process and is assigned during the minting process. Not all Portals will have the ability to choose from all metaspaces making some Portals more rare than others.

Gen 3: Portal Generated

In the third phase of the generation process, the Portal evolves into an animated two-dimensional artistic representation and obtains all its primary traits. Primary traits include powers for generating and teleporting throughout the Superpose Universe. Generating powers are used for acquiring avatars, weapons, and loot, which are used during game play to build your virtual empire.

Gen 4: Metaspaces

Metaspaces are currently theoretical three-dimensional spaces where your avatars interact in the metaverse. Upon the manifestation of your metaspace, you'll have the ability to build out a base in that virtual environment.

Metaportals Smart Contracts

Smart contracts power the Portals and their generation powers, avatars, characters, and game play. Learn more about the Metaportals minting process.

Portal Entanglement

Entanglement is a phenomenon when two Portals become interconnected and affect each other's game play. In the quantum realm when two particles are entangled, the act of measuring one determines the result of measuring the other. Albert Einstein famously called this phenomenon "spooky action at a distance."

The Metaportals smart contract have this "spooky action at a distance" built into the contract on-chain. This is the first smart contract to enable this type of connection between NFTs.