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Metaspaces are conceptual spaces occupied by metaobjects.

They are currently theoretical in the Superpose Universe, but they will emerge as three-dimensional environments that you build within and own. Metaobjects can be characters, weapons, skins, and other loot. Each Portal has different capabilities in creating and generating metaobjects. Choose your favorite Portal and join the Superpose Universe.

metaspace portal cityscape
Metaspace Location: 3°09'31.7"N 101°42'34.8"E

metaspace portal cracked-earth
Metaspace Location: 43°20'00.3"N 120°40'21.7"W

metaspace portal egypt
Metaspace Location: 29°58'31.9"N 31°08'13.7"E

metaspace portal moon-1
Metaspace Location: Outer-Earth

metaspace portal space rock
Metaspace Location: Outer-Earth

metaspace portal stonehenge
Metaspace Location: 51°10'44.4"N 1°49'33.0"W

metaspace portal trees
Metaspace Location: currently unknown

More Coming Soon!