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Quick Overview

Metaportals is a virtual world where characters come to life. They travel from their multiverse to the metaverse through their portals. Each portal has an entry point into the metaverse where you can interact with others. Each multiverse is unique in its own way with different rules, physics, and environments. Portals and the metaverse spaces they reside in evolve over time, so there is always something new to look forward to.


10,001 - The first multiverse is called Prime, which will have multiple waves. The First Wave will spawn 1000 portals. Future multiverses, having different physics and laws, may have significantly more or less portals spawned.

You can use your portal in the metaverse. Attach it as a profile picture in your social media, display it in a digital gallery, ... more to come.

Each portal has a unique color palette and dot coordinates, and speed. These will never be recreated and you can be assured that your portal is one-of-a-kind. Some portals will come with additional functionality, so look out for those as they are very rare.

We are launching a new protocol that will handle the vast amount of metadata generated by the platform. When our designers create characters, avatars, and new environments, they will evlove and breath new value in your multiverse.

It's currently very expensive to store all metadata on a blockchain, so it's required to be stored offchain. The offchain metadata can be modified or removed if not handled properly. The Metapak protocol is designed to improve how metadata is handled ensuring that its immutable, yet extensible and valuable for metaverse operators. Learn more how this all works by reading the docs.

It's coming soon. Aiming for March 2022 timeframe, but this can change so make sure to follow our social media accounts. Follow us on our social channels to be informed! @metaportals on all platforms.

The Superpose Universe is a cumulation of many different multiverses that are generated by the Metaportals Fusion Cores. Each multiverse has its own laws and physics and portals with different capabilities. Each multiverse has its own storyline, metaspaces, avatars, and characters.

Metaspaces are the virtual locations where portals teleport avatars, characters, and loot. Metaspaces evolve overtime, starting out as two-dimensional representations and evolving into 3D environments where interaction with others occurs in the metaspace. Portals allow you to travel to different metaspaces, which act as an Gateway to the Metaverse™.